Beyond investing in assets, we invest in the future. We manage a diverse and resilient portfolio that is helping shape the communities in which we invest. We provide the long-term commitment, experience and capital required to accelerate the growth and value creation strategies of essential infrastructure assets.  Currently we manage more than C$36 billion* invested capital in a diversified and growing global portfolio.

Global Infrastructure Themes

Infrastructure is always changing. Yet, the world will always have a need to generate, move and store things. That is why we are evolving how we look at traditional infrastructure and expanding our investing themes to align with a rapidly changing world.

Centralized and large-scale energy systems built on a mix of renewable and non-renewable sources.

Low-impact, often decentralized or autonomous, energy systems built predominately on clean, renewable sources.

Technology, products and networks which permit the long-distance transmission of data.

A connective tissue that facilitates meaningful and friction-free connections between people, goods, and technology.

Roads, vehicles and other assets which enable the movement of people and freight.

The seamless, accessible global and local movement of people and goods alongside the experience and design of movement.

Government provided or regulated services which serve cities and communities.

The capacity of a city or community to maintain health or wellness, influenced by many services or related interventions.

Use of vital resources (e.g., water, agriculture, air) and distribution systems, which power and nurture society.

Building secure, integrated, and sustainable systems that are resilient to external shocks.

Deal Origination

Our approach to deal origination begins with global collaboration across investment themes. We then apply a sector lens and our regional perspectives to identify opportunities. We build partnerships and embrace complexity in pursuit of attractive returns and strong governance.

"We have a rigorous approach to our asset pursuits, transaction execution and follow-on asset management efforts. Our network of strong global relationships is central to our ongoing search for quality assets. At the same time, our mandate is flexible enough that we can swiftly evaluate strategic opportunities and act on them quickly – including large, complex assets where the risk/reward balance is attractive.”

George Woo, Associate Director, New York
deal origination

Asset Management

We believe an active approach to creating value and bringing positive impacts to the communities in which we invest delivers strong long-term financial returns. Our team has deep operational expertise across the sectors in which we invest, and the benefit of the scale and breadth of our existing portfolio.

“As direct investors for more than two decades, we believe in active asset management of our global portfolio, backed by deep sector expertise and executed in coordination with aligned equity partners. Our asset management philosophy, also incorporates an emphasis on understanding and respecting the distinctive perspectives held by key stakeholders across our individual assets – customers, local communities, governments and beyond.”

Michael McNicholas, Managing Director, London
asset management

Our Portfolio Companies

As at Dec 31, 2023.

*Includes total amounts invested and committed by OMERS, third party capital and realized and unrealized assets in CAD.