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(21 September 2022, USA) – OMERS Infrastructure and Spring Lane Capital (“SLC”) today announced they have agreed to partner to explore investments in growing businesses in North America that address sustainability in sectors including food, water, energy, transport, and waste.

Under the new partnership, OMERS Infrastructure and SLC will leverage their respective strengths in infrastructure and sustainable growth to identify and pursue investment opportunities in growing businesses across a wide range of distributed infrastructure sectors that focus on sustainability solutions. OMERS Infrastructure and SLC believe that this combination will provide companies and management teams with a differentiated and scalable capital solution as they look to expand their businesses.

Gisele Everett, Senior Managing Director and Head of Americas, OMERS Infrastructure, said:

“I’m delighted to announce our new partnership today. We both agree on the importance of investing in platforms focused on sustainability. While SLC brings a wealth of expertise in identifying, investing in, and successfully scaling growth infrastructure companies of the future, OMERS Infrastructure brings a strong track record of partnering with, supporting, and creating value in businesses across a broad range of infrastructure sectors.”

Christian Zabbal, Managing Partner of Spring Lane Capital, said:

“SLC and OMERS Infrastructure will together seek to invest in companies with technologies and projects that require a partner that can provide not only substantial capital to accelerate growth, but also knowledge and expertise to help effectively and successfully scale the business. The unique businesses in which we invest tend to be underserved by traditional financial markets. In partnership with OMERS Infrastructure, SLC will now be able to offer a broader set of capital solutions, and we look forward to working alongside a like-minded partner with a long history of successfully investing in, and building, leading infrastructure businesses globally.”

OMERS Infrastructure contact

James Thompson

Director of Communications

E: JaThompson@omers.com

T: +44(0)7443 264 154

Spring Lane Capital contact

Cindy Stoller

Confluence Partners

E: cstoller@confluencepartners.com

T: +1 917-331-0418

About OMERS Infrastructure

OMERS Infrastructure manages investments globally in infrastructure on behalf of OMERS, a defined benefit pension plan for municipal employees in the Province of Ontario, Canada, and third-party investors through its Strategic Partnership Program. OMERS Infrastructure currently has approximately C$32 billion in assets under management and over 30 investments in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and across sectors including energy, digital services, transportation and government-regulated services. OMERS Infrastructure has employees in Toronto, New York, the U.K., Continental Europe (including Amsterdam, NL), Asia and Australia. More information: www.omersinfrastructure.com.

About Spring Lane Capital

Spring Lane Capital is a private equity firm based in Boston, MA and Montreal, QC focused on providing hybrid project capital for sustainability solutions in the energy, food, water, waste and transportation industries. The firm’s structured financial model seeks to tap into some of the fastest growing segments of these markets, that more traditional forms of project capital cannot access due to their scale and the limitations of existing investment models. For more information, please visit springlanecapital.com.