Video Transcript

Ralph: We are an organization that takes its responsibilities very seriously. We have a deep belief as an organization in the values of acting responsibly, of acting sustainably and that transcends everything that we do. Every investment that we make at some point is a public service. It’s electricity, it’s water, it’s transport, it’s roads, it’s airports, it’s ports, it’s telecommunications. We are very proud of the fact that we’re one of the first to identify this space as an area with great potential and many of the practices that are the norm in the industry today are things that we invented, or we were the first to do.

Philippe: OMERS I’d say is characterized by its long-term investment horizon and so that makes it a very flexible investor. Having that long-term mindset allows them to take long-term views in supporting and challenging management teams. Not only through two, three-year cycles or short economic cycles but actually, engage in deeper transformation of the companies they invest in.

Eric: OMERS has a very clear philosophy of engagement with its portfolio companies. It has a remarkable set of resources put in place through the asset management side. And that is long term, patient work where you really try and transform a good company into an outstanding company in its sector.

Philippe: Today, we are invested in a number of countries across Europe, across the Americas including Latin. We’re also invested in Australia.

Juan: We favour people that have had interesting experiences professionally or personally that can bring different perspectives into investment making. The more varied and diverse our team is the better investments we make.

Ralph: I do have the privilege of leading a fantastic team of very young, very capable, very talented professionals embracing technology, managing to use it to keep the spirit of one collective team even though we’re now spread out over five different locations.

Eric: Ultimately, you’re a custodian of retirement funds that public sector employees rely upon as custodians we also have certain obligations to make sure that we’re very responsible investors. And from that perspective, I think there is a clarity of purpose and intent which makes working here at OMERS something very special.