We Make a Difference

Our Approach


Currently, we have $21.3b invested globally, with teams of key people on the ground where we invest. All backed by a total OMERS portfolio of $109b.


Our deep in-house experience is active in creating value. Purposeful in driving sustainable success across our portfolio, with a focus on sectors including energy, transportation, water, telecom, and more.


We were early to invest directly in infrastructure assets. We have posted consistent, attractive returns over two decades.


Community is at our core. We are guided by the long-term principle of delivering enhanced value for all stakeholders.


*net investment




*years in direct

*These figures are historical and subject to change. Figures are annual and are in CAD as at December 31, 2019.

We Invest for Our Members

OMERS invests and administers pensions for almost half a million active, deferred and retired employees of nearly 1,000 municipalities, school boards, libraries, police and fire departments, and other local agencies in communities across the province of Ontario, Canada. For over 50 years, OMERS has provided its members with sustainable, affordable and meaningful pensions. The company is led by a seasoned senior leadership team with extensive experience.

We Invest for Our Members